Targitt by Richard S. Meyers

​I just finished reading Targitt by Richard S. Meyers and loved it. I remember reading the comics from Atlas Comics in the 1970s and wished it had continued. Looks like I got my wish. Targitt reads like a 1970s Men’s Adventure Book. Richard Meyers did an excellent job setting the book in the 1970s. In his case, it was easy, as he had written the comic book series when it came out.

​You don’t need to read the original comic book series (it will help) as you are given all you need to understand who John Targitt is. The book will leave you wanting to read more of the Atlas Comics coming to the prose version. I, for one, will be picking up all I can find of Atlas Originals presents books. If the other books are as good as Targitt was, I know I will be enjoying it. I hope to see a Tiger-Man novel soon.

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