THE BOOK CAVE: Silver and Steam #1

Silver and Steam #1

Published by
All Together Now Group

​In the multiverse, there is one universal PRIME BEING/ENTITY whose actions, abilities and death effect the “SUB-PRIME” BEINGS/ENTITIES in other universes.

Josh Holley pages 1-6, Shane Luttrell pages 7-12​Peter Welmerink
Steve Shipley pages 13-18, Doug Curtis pages 19-24

Cover A: Yago Williams
Cover B: Josh Holley
Cover C: Luttrell/Welmerink

PIN-UP ARTISTS: Kent Clark, Shane Luttrell, Steve Shipley, Doug Curtis

SUZIE STEAM & SARGE created and copyright SHANE LUTTRELL
LADY SKA’A TI’AR/SILVER SKATI created and copyright Peter Welmerink/Steve Shipley

​I just finished reading one of the most impressive small press comics I’ve read in a long time. I was very impressed with the cover. It had a very 3-D, Pulp look. Josh Holley drew the first 6 pages of Silver Skati. It had a very cosmic look to it and I like how it looked. The beginning of the story had a very intriguing look on alternate universes. Lady Skati is a female version of the Silver Surfer, but that is the only resemblance that I can see.
​Shane Luttrell does the art for pages 7-12, where we see a meeting between Suzie Steam and Lady Skati. Be sure and check out the bottom right panel on page 10 for a chuckle.
​Steve Shipley is the artist for pages 13-18 with a flashback from YEET #43, for all us YEET fans.
​Doug Curtis is the artist for pages 19-24 that leaves the issue with a lead-in to the next issue.
​Peter Welmerink wrote a very interesting story that had several plot links that has me wanting to read more.
​Contact Peter Welmerink for more information to get several copies.

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