THE BOOK CAVE: Secondary Superheroes of Golden Age Comics

Secondary Superheroes of Golden Age Comics

By Lou Mougin

I’ve known Lou Mougin for almost 20 years, online. In those 20 years, I’ve read almost everything he has written. I was asked by a good friend of both Lou and myself if I would read and review his book. Without even taking a breath, I answered a resounding YES!

Lou knows his comic book history better than anyone I know. Reading his history I rediscovered several superheroes I’ve read and loved, plus several I’ve either only seen as covers in an Overstreet Price Guide and some I’ve only seen mentioned and some I’ve never heard of before.

Lou’s great love of the Comic Books is seen as he gives a very interesting history for each Superhero. Even heroes I thought I had known all there was, Lou showed how much more there were to them. Red Rube was a character I only seen on covers in Overstreet and a couple of lines about who he was in a few different books. In this book, you find out who he is and how he came to be. You’ll discover he is similar to another superhero in his origin and identity.

If you ever wondered about who some unknown Secondary Superhero was and if you want to dig through the back issue bins to read, THIS is the book to buy. I’ve read it cover to cover and loved it and plan to reread several parts over again when I am curious about any revamped Golden Age Superheroes that come back.

This is THE book every fan of Golden Age Superheroes should have an easy reach to read over and over. I hope that Lou soon writes a Silver Age version very soon. Plus a 1980s Independent Comics companions.

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