THE BOOK CAVE: Roadmarks

Roadmarks by Roger Zelazny
Art by Kent Clark

​I just finished reading Roadmarks by Roger Zelazny and it left me dizzy. This is the first book I’ve read of Roger Zelazny and I want to read more. I’m surprised that neither he, nor anyone else hasn’t made a series from it. It screams for a series. A highway through time? Dragons? Talking A.I.s? Just that alone would grab my interest. The writing and imagery made it a must read for me. The book grabbed me from the beginning and wouldn’t lt go until the end, and even then I’m not sure it completely let me go. I love the reference of my favorite Pulp hero, if you blink or don’t recognize it, you may miss it.

​During my many years of reading I’ve seen several of his books in the used book stores I’ve shopped in. I know I have several of his books in hardback and paperback in boxes in my storage. I look forward to finding his books either in my storage, a used bookstore or online. Easily, this was the most entertainment I’ve had from a book in many a year. A son searching for a father he never knew and the father never knowing he had a son. Road trip!

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