THE BOOK CAVE: Revenge of The Night Wolf By Rob Mancebo

This is the third book by Rob Mancebo that I’ve read. His third book, Revenge of The Night Wolf is different than most other books I’ve read. A character unlike any other, a Priest of Freyja to start and soon becomes a Viking leader.

If this was in the time of Conan, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought about magic and other ‘gods’, but it wasn’t. This was the end of the Viking time and Christianity was in style. Neither religion was treated with disrespect by the writer.

While reading, I felt that I had read several stories rolled into one. Several of the characters are ready for stories of their own. There is a character who I can see star in “her’ own book and I hope soon.  The character of Halfdan grew from, as I said earlier, a priest, to a mighty warrior and perhaps something else. Several times during the story something happens to Halfdan that changes him even more.

While reading the book you will get a small introduction to Norse mythology. Like many others, I’ve read a lot of Greek Mythology. As for Odin, Freya, Loki, and Thor, I have read some of the myths, but more from the comic books. Looks like I will be reading more of the Norse Mythology that isn’t from the comic books.

After reading this book I wonder if this may become a series. The ending makes you wonder. While it easily can be a done in one novel, I can see more books being built from this.

Be sure to read Rob Mancebo’s other books and you will be looking forward to even more future books from him.

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