THE BOOK CAVE: Popular Comics #1

            InDELLible Comics has brought back some of my favorite comic book characters from the Silver Age, The Dell Comics Super heroes. This issue is a great introduction to characters that you always wish you could read more of, but thought you would never see again.

Do you remember Tom Corbett, The Fab 4, Frankenstein, Dracula, Fleeta, Kona, Marvin Monster, Captain Tornado, and several others. It’s like going back in time to when as a kid, my grandparents would bring a stack of comics for me to read and zone out. That was back when comics were fun.

The stories in this issue range between 1 to 10 pages each, with several between 1-4 pages each. Short? Yes, but enough to grab your interest in seeing more. The creators in this book show their love for the characters in both words and art.

I’m hoping to see full length stories of several of the characters that were introduced in this issue and others that have been hinted at. After reading the book I’ve have the desire to hunt back issues of all the characters to enjoy again. It has been too long since I felt the excitement I am now feeling for comic books. This may be what comic book fans need. Lets go back to why we read them in our younger days…For the fun.

Tell your local comic book shop you want All-New Popular Comics #1. Amazon can’t have all the fun.

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