THE BOOK CAVE: Phantom #8

Phantom #8

The Hydra Monster


Frank S. Shawn


Ron Goulart

            I’ve been a fan of the Phantom all my life. I remember reading the old Gold Key, King, and Charlton issues growing up, later I was able to read other companies’ versions. In the 1970s I was introduced to the paperback series. Over the years I was able to complete the series. I recently decided to read the series and several other ones in order. A great way to make sure I have read all, plus, I enjoy reading the books over.

The Hydra Monster written by Ron Goulart, (one of my favorite writers) was a very entertaining read. Normally, when I read a Ron Goulart book, I know it is his by some of the phrases he places in it. If I had discovered on the internet that he wrote it, I might never have guessed it.

The mystery of who the leader was, I found to be well done. I like how we were teased about who some of the characters were. You will be surprised by who the main villain is when it is revealed. There were several clues throughout the story and when you find out the identity, like me, the clues will come back to you. I very much enjoyed reading the book and look forward to reading the other books in the very near future. Check out the reprint books put out by Hermes Press.

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