THE BOOK CAVE: Millennium Bug By Jeff Deischer

WOW! That should be enough to say about any book by Jeff Deischer. I remember Jeff first showed me the start of the book and I was very excited by what I read. I knew then it would be great. Now that I’ve read the completed book, this is even better than I was expecting.

While I was reading the book, it was like I entered another world and no longer was reading but experiencing the action as it happened. I’ve only had this happen with a few writers. My respect for Jeff’s writing ability has risen greatly.

As for the characters, Dr. Ulysses Brazen is hero that had retired fifty years ago after a twenty-year career battling the forces of evil all over the world. You would think that at his advance age he would be taking it easy. Especially after leaving the spotlight fifty years ago to enjoy some quiet family time. Maybe it was too quiet.

Crimes committed by those shouldn’t be able to commit the crimes bring Dr. Brazen out of retirement when it is discovered that the men who committed the crimes, had ties to the Brazen Institute.

Dr.Brazen, accompanied by two sons of  his late aides of the past, investigate. They are soon joined by others as the action builds.

If you are wondering who is behind the scenes of “innocent” men that have become the opposite of what their friends and family know of them and why? You will be very surprised when you find out.

Join Dr. Brazen, Oz, Noble, Le Chat, Thunderbird and Henry Prevost as they battle overwhelming odds to stop an unknown criminal mastermind.

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