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Lucky Comics #7

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My latest purchase is Lucky Comics #7 with a beautiful Beetle Girl cover art by Marcelo Trom and Brad Eastburn. Published on November, 2022.
The first story is “Underfolke” Originally presented in: Beetle Girl #7 December, 2016. Tim Shelton – Words, Oscar Suyama Jr. – Art, John Michael Helmer – Plot and letters, Michael Waggoner – Editor. A very unusual story with Beetle Girl and some interesting characters. It had a promising start and sad ending.
The next story is The Shrew & Flame Girl “Girl on Fire” Originally presented in: Flame Girl #2 November, 2020. Story – Lizzie Martinez, Art – Joey Martinez, Letters – John Michael Helmer, Editor – Michael Waggoner. Like many comic books the first half of the story not only introduces the villain, Green Ghoul, but also we see the two heriones fight each other when they first meet and later team up to fight the bad guy. Great story and art. I’m looking forward to seeing more of all three characters in the near future.
The third and last story is Crom The Barbarian “The Cave of Skulls” Originally presented in: Crom the Barbarian #4 September, 2019. Story and Letters by John Michael Helmer, Art by Jim Gullett, Editors are Michael Waggoner and Jatinder Ghatora. I’m enjoying Crom the Barbarian series, both writing and art. I heard that there is also a novel of Crom the Barbarian that I look forward to reading. Similar to Conan, but different in many ways. Make sure and check out all of Crom the Barbarian comics and novel.
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