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Lucky Comics #6

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​This is the latest issue of Lucky Comics #6. The first story is a Beetle Girl adventure, titled “What Price Victory?”, Originally presented in: Beetle Girl #6 November 2016. Art and story Chris V., Plot and Editor John Michael Helmer and Editor Michael Waggoner. I’m enjoying the continuing stories of Beetle Girl with a new character, Victory. I’m curious to learn more about Victory.
​The next story is “True Cross Part III” originally presented in: Martyr: True Cross #3 August, 2019. Written, Lettered and Created by John Michael Helmer, Oscar Suyama – Art and Michael Waggoner – Editor. This concludes the 3 part story with Martyr and The Owl. A very interesting and unusual story. The story was something that I rarely see in a comic book. I’m curious to see more of both Martyr and The Owl.
​The last story has 2 short stories combined, “Mister Web Origin” and “Death Archer Kills” Originally presented in: Mister Web #4 Summer, 2023. Story – Ric Croxton, Artwork – Kent Clark, Letters – John Helmer and Editor Mike Waggoner. In case you were wondering, I’m the creator and writer of Mister Web. The first story in this issue of Mister Web gives a short 3 page origin of the beginning of Mister Web which is a prequel to the story I had written a few years. The next story of Mister Web, “Death Archer Kills” is a later sequel to my Mister Web #1-3 available from Lucky Comics. To help with any confusion between Tom Bradford, the brother of John Bradford (Mister Web) and Thomas Bradford, the nephew of John Bradford (Mister Web), A later story will have more information on Thomas Bradford. The last page in the Mister Web story has a set-up on a new masked mystery man in the Mister Web Universe. The artist of this Mister Web story is Kent Clark. Kent Clark is one of the most talented artists I’m lucky enough to have the pleasure of him doing the art in my story and do a great cover for Mister Web. I’m hoping to see a lot more from him.

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