THE BOOK CAVE: Lucky Comics #4

Lucky Comics #4

Edited by

John Michael Helmer

Lucky Comics #4, Starring Your Favorites! I am slowly picking up the many great stories from the Lucky Comics Universe! My goal is to slowly own all the comics published by Lucky Comics. With time, I hope to soon own all. I like the anthology series as it slowly publishes all the many comics published by the very entertaining publisher. Every issue I’ve read from as PDFs for .75 cents each or $2 each as print on Only a few of the issues has been printed by IndyPlanet. John Helmer, the Editor of the company has been slowly collecting three stories per each issue of the Lucky Comics anthology series. John Helmer has slowly been collecting story arcs into single comics on Amazon. My goal is to own and read all.

The first story in Lucky Comics #4 is “Cyber Jane,” originally presented in Beetle Girl #4, September, 2016. Art and story by Dan Solano, letters by John Michael Helmer, editors are Mark F. Davis and Michael Waggoner. Beetle Girl appears to be the main character for Lucky Comics. In typican super hero fashion, Beetle Girl attacks first, before asking who Cyber Jane is. In the two pages that introduces Cyber Jane as am Police Officer, they quickly team up to bring down the villain. I’m curious to find out more on not only just Beetle Girl, but who Cyber Jane is.

“At All Costs” originally presented in: Martyr: True Cross #1, August, 2020. John Michael Helmer-story and letters, Oscar Suyama-pencils and inks, with Michael Waggoner as the editor. We are introduced ti a new hero, Martyr and very shortly we see another hero, The Black Owl. I like the look of the Black Owl and hope to see more of him, very soon.

The last story is part 4 of the Blue Bolt, “Bolts from the Blue,” originally presented in: Blue Bolt #4, July, 2022.Story by the incredible Lou Mougin, art from the talented Erik Franklin, letters by the amazing John Michael Helmer and the editor, the genius mind of Michael Waggoner. This looks like the end of the story, for now. Like all the characters in this issue and the earlier and upcoming issues, I want to see a ‘Who’s Who’ of all the heroes, villains, and supporting cast.

The Lucky Comics anthologies has been doing a great job of of collecting three stories in each issue from the over 200 stories in their publishing company. I plan on buying all the issues available in the series, along with any other issues I can buy. Check out their comics on Amazon, IndyPlanet and for some great reading.

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