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​Now for the sequel, Lucky Comics #2, the Anthology series. This only the second of many future issues. Lucky Comics has at least 200 issues from over the past several years. Most, if not all of the issues can be found as PDFs at Even though I like to read many comics downloaded on my Kindle 10 inch, I am ‘old school’ and like having my comics on paper. As a Print On Demand comics and novels, it is much easier to find all the books and comics that you want.
​“Down the Rabbit Hole” originally printed in: Beetle Girl #2 July, 2016. Plot and letters by John Michael Helmer. Words by Brad Eastburn and beautiful art by Eric Douthitt. Edited by both Mark F. Davis and Michael Waggoner. Even though it was a very incredible 8 page Beetle Girl story. With beautiful art and story, that read as an self-contain story, I feel that there is more coming.
​“Reign of the Cobra Queen” originally presented in: Flame Girl #1 October, 2018. Art by Bruno Abdias and script and lettering by John M. Helmer. Art editor is Micaias Ramos and the editor is Michael Waggoner. I’m impressed by how much that Lucky Comics can pack into just 8 pages. Flame Girl is joined by a vigilante by the name of La Sombra, (good or bad? Hard to tell) and a not very nice person by the name of Cobra Queen. This story, like the first one, is self-contained, but I’m ready for the next Beetle Girl.
​“Song of the Green Sorceress” originally presented in: Blue Bolt #2 December, 2018. An incredible story by Lou Mougin and a Golden Age art style by Erik Franklin. Letters by John Michael Helmer and edited by Michael Waggoner. The story is continued from the first Blue Bolt reprinted in the Lucky Comics #1 anthology. Blue Bolt and Lady Bolt have been called back to action. Green Sorceress has a couple brief appearances in the story to end it with a cliffhanger for the next issue.
​I can’t wait to see how the next issue looks. Even though it is only a 3 story anthology with a total of 24 pages, I am continually impressed by how much story is packed into the issue.
​Amazon has the Lucky Comics anthology series for only $5, shipping paid. Search for the issues under John Helmer.

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