THE BOOK CAVE: Lucky Comics #1

Lucky Comics #1
John Helmer

​I got Lucky Comics #1 & #2 today and I’ve just finished reading #1. #1 has 3 stories that had been printed earlier as Beetle Girl #1, Danni Garrett, the granddaughter of the Golden Age Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett. I was surprised that writer, John Michael Helmer was able to two characters from two different time periods in only eight pages. After I finished reading the story I was shocked that it was only eight pages. The artwork, by Eric Douthitt was beautiful and the pacing worked great. Brad Eastburn and Michael Wagoneer were the editors for the story. “Rise of the Beetle” was originally presented in: Beetle Girl #1, January, 2016.
​The Return of the Flame with story by Jaime Ramos, pencils by Fercho Velaquez, letters by John Michael Helmer and created by Will Eisner and Lou Fine. I was very impressed by how great the story was. The Flame was able to stay young due to the energy of The Sacred Flame. Another eight page that easily read like it lasted longer than it did. What really made it impressive was how many characters from The Flame’s past were added. Fercho Velaquez was able to make the few panels for each page feel like you was seeing more. “Return of the Flame” was originally presented in: The Flame #1, February, 2022.
​The last story for the issue is “Bolts From The Blue,” a Blue Bolt story. Story by Lou Mougin, art by Erik Franklin, Letters by John Michael Helmer and edited by Michael Waggoner. I’ve known Lou Mougin online, for over 20 years. I’ve read several of his stories and loved how the quality of his writing keeps improving with each story. I haven’t read much of The Blue Bolt, but the art in the story made me think I was reading one of The Blue Bolt’s stories. Like the other two stories, you not only get a story, but it is also continued in the next story. “Bolts from the Blue” was originally presented in: Blue Bolt #1 July, 2018.

​You can find the Lucky Comics #1 anthology in Amazon for $5 free delivery. #2 and #3 are also available, also several other Lucky Comics. Look for more of my reviews of Lucky Comics.

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