THE BOOK CAVE: Jupiter’s Worm By Joel Jenkins



            Joel Jenkins has done it again, another great book to read. This book is in one of my favorite genres, Science Fiction. While reading it I felt like I was reading books that had similar feel to them, but not copying any. Joel introduced the reader to a few new characters, Warp Witch/Warlock. No, not a fantasy book, they are people that are able to set a course through a warp. The Warp Witch in this novel is defective; she has a personality, unlike the other Warp Witches and Warlocks. While theirs were trained out of them, she kept hers. The other two main characters are Bendigo, a ship’s captain and Asher, a priest, the sole survivor of his world.

This very unlikely trio manages to escape a sun about to go supernova and this is just the start. While you are reading the book you get the feeling that this is not just a SF book, and I mean this in the best possible way. I’ve read thousands of books in my life and I’m ranking this towards the top.

The trio have several interesting adventures and encounter several other characters, some become friends and others enemies. Even one friend that is forced to become an enemy has you wishing that he can be saved.

One of the incredible things that Joel is able to do is get you to either like or dislike his characters and you are never sure if one of your favorites will survive the book. The ending of the book is not what you might expect from reading the beginning. You are given hints throughout the book that will lead you to the end. You have to pay close attention as Joel is very subtle and you never know what he has planned. The ending makes the ending of Star Wars look like a small dinner party.

If you’ve read and enjoyed any of Joel Jenkins other books, be prepared for his best book yet.

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