THE BOOK CAVE: Junkyard Joe #1-6

Junkyard Joe #1-6
Image Comics

I just finished reading the 6 issue series of Junkyard Joe from Image Comics.
Geoff Jones and Gary Frank – Creators,
Brad Anderson – Colorist,
Rob Leigh – Letters.

Junkyard Joe is one of the few new comics I’ve bought new off the shelves. Junkyard Joe was based in the 1972 war in Viet Nam. Joe was first a silent soldier in the jungle with several other soldiers. His disguise of a human was destroyed while he was saving the soldiers from a kill zone. Joe and Muddy Jones were the only two survivors from the fight. Muddy Jones is shipped home and Joe disappears.

While Muddy Jones is home he creates the comic strip, Junkyard Joe. Over the years Junkyard Joe, the comic strip becomes a loved character. Everyone considers Junkyard Joe to be a comic strip hero, even Muddy Jones, who wonders if Joe was real when he woke up in the hospital after the firefight. Muddy Davis tells the government agent that he only remembers all his friends dying.

Years later while Muddy Davis is home becoming a world loved creator, Junkyard Joe shows up in town looking for him. Junkyard Joe rescues the kids who found him and bond with them. The kids see Junkyard Joe as the real version of the Junkyard Joe comic strip. While Junkyard Joe looks for his “creator” Muddy Davis to reunite with him.

While Junkyard Joe looks for Muddy Davis with the kids, he is hunted by his “real” creator and his nasty crew. He doesn’t care who he has to kill to get Joe back to “fix” him into a killing machine.

I’ve been a Geoff Jones fan since his time in DC, writing Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. And the Justice Society of America. As soon as I saw his name on the comic book, I knew I wanted to read it.

It looks like they are planning a series called The Unnamed in the Unknown War. Almost no information is out about it, but if Geoff Jones and Gary Frank are part of it, I’m in!

Be sure and go to your Local Comic Book Shop and ask for all 6 issues of Junkyard Joe from Image Comics.

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