THE BOOK CAVE: Fall Of The Skull Crusher by Joel Jenkins

This is the third of Joel Jenkins Skull Crusher series and possibly the last of the series. I also have to say, that I think it is the best of the three. The book started out great and somehow became ever greater.

As I read the book I found the character StrommandGreattrix, the main character, reminded me of another hero from the past, Conan. I should say, King Conan. Both heroes having gained some maturity in their later years after getting married and having a son that resembled them in name and looks and heroes in hopefully future books. Strathom, Strommand’s son appears to be possibly a new series after events in this book. I look forward to reading them.

I enjoyed the book immensely and was impressed by the many adventures of Strommand fighting his way through the book, in a way similar to Homer’s Odyssey. Both heroes fighting against seemingly against unbeatable odds and coming out victorious. Like Odysseus, who keeps finding new adventures before he goes home, so does Strommand.

As I read the book I was introduced to some new characters and some characters from the past. Some fared well and others not so well. I like how Joel is able to keep you wondering who will survive and wither they will become friend or foe. Or in some cases, change sides. As in any book by Joel, the secondary characters could easily become a primary character in their own book.

One of the more interesting things in any Joel Jenkins books I’ve read is, you never know who will survive or not, the only thing that I can guaranteed is, you will be impressed and like what you read.

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