THE BOOK CAVE: Dutchy Digest #15

Dutchy Digest #15
The Case Of The Golden Ticket
I just finished reading Dutchy Digest #15. I’ve been a fan of this Small Press Comic from the beginning and loved every issue. The creators Steven Hager (writer) and Bruce Rosenberger (artist) have done one of the best 8-page comics I’ve ever read. Both Steven Hager and Bruce Rosenberger should get an award for their work. Amos is a Pennsylvania Deutch Detective and has solved many mysteries in the 15 issues with humorous results. I loved the start of this story with the family gathering around the radio on a Saturday evening to listen to their favorite radio show. It reminds me of the old television show from the 1970s, that we watched when I was a kid, The Waltons. All the Waltons would gather around the radio to listen to the popular shows at that time.
The front cover was by Bruce Rosenberger, the inside title page art by Al Milgrom, the inside back cover was by William Messner-Loebs, and the back cover was by Terry Flippo.

Issues are normally found at the Small Press and Comic Expo every year or they can PayPal $2 along with their address to have a copy mailed to them.

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