THE BOOK CAVE: Dogs and Sorcerers

Dogs and Sorcerers
Joel Jenkins

What do you get when you mix Robert E. Howard and The Thieves World series? If you are very lucky you will find “Dogs And Sorcerers” A Tale From The City of Bathos by Joel Jenkins. Joel Jenkins, otherwise known as “The King Of All Genres” has written another book that sinks its teeth into you and won’t let go.

I’ve read a majority of Joel Jenkins books over the past few years and have learned that as soon as you think you have a favorite book of his that you think is the best, he writes another and it becomes your favorite.

I call Joel The King Of All Genres for a reason. The reason for that is, he has written nearly every genre.

Dogs And Sorcerers is his latest masterpiece. This is his third book set in his dark fantasy City of Bathos. This city is so dark and full of evil, that I think it is safer to read it during the day. It is a city that not only would I not want to live there, I most certainly wouldn’t want to visit.

A warning for those who like the hero to always win and have a happy ending to their story, not much chance for that to always happen in a book by Joel Jenkins. I won’t say, everybody dies, but even those who walk away at the end are looking over their shoulder to make sure they survive another day.

So you ask, “Why should I read his books?” Unlike Sherlock Holmes, Superman or James Bond, you don’t know for sure if the character will survive at the end.

As for Bathos, this is a city that isn’t safe at all to walk at night and not much safer in the day. Why would anyone live there? You have a better chance of making it big…if you survive.

The one thing I can guarantee about any Joel Jenkins book is, if he wrote it, it is great!

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