THE BOOK CAVE: Babylon Twins by M.F. Gibson

When are Zombies not Zombies? When they are made into Zombies by AIs (Artificial Intelligence). Normally I don’t care for Zombie stories, but this is different, just like the main antagonists in the book. 18-year-old twin sisters, their 14-year-old brother, and their mother. They spent the last 10 years in the woods learning to survive and keep each other safe. This works great until they meet Santa Claus and he isn’t who they thought he was. Things take a downward turn from there.

The adventure starts from there. The sisters travel back to what is left of civilization to discover that not everything is what they thought it was. The Zombies are humans on drugs for reasons that are later revealed.

Confusion is the norm now and the sisters fight to survive in a world they don’t understand.

Be prepared for some twists and turns you weren’t expecting and an ending that might be a beginning. As stated before, this is not your normal Zombie tale, but when is any Zombie considered normal.

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