The Black Ghost Digital Comic from Novelist Alex Segura & Writer Monica Gallagher Debuts this Week

From Anthony Award-Nominated Novelist Alex Segura & Acclaimed Writer Monica Gallagher

—The Co-Creators of the Lethal Lit Podcast—

With Art by George Kambadais

 The Black Ghost

A Bold New Tale of a Masked Activist Available from comiXology Originals

The Black Ghost #1 is available September 18th

September 16, 2019 – New York, NY – ComiXology, Amazon’s premier digital comics service, announced The Black Ghost – an all-new, creator-owned five-issue mini-series by co-writers Alex Segura and Monica Gallagher, with art by George Kambadais, colors by Ellie Wright, and lettering by Taylor Esposito, and is edited by Greg Lockard. The Black Ghost #1 features cover art by Greg Smallwood, with subsequent covers by fan-favorite artists Bill Sienkiewicz, Francesco Francavilla, Veronica Fish. The bold tale of a masked activist fighting for the soul of their city, The Black Ghost #1 is part of the comiXology Originals line of exclusive content and will debut September 18th. It will be available to read at no additional cost for Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, and comiXology Unlimited members, and also available for purchase on Kindle and comiXology.

Lara Dominguez is a journalist chasing that one, big story. After a stint in the Middle East, the alcoholic reporter moves from her hometown of Miami to Creighton – a mid-Atlantic city that’s seen better days. She needs a huge, viral scoop that’ll send her into the journalistic stratosphere. Her target? Uncovering the identity of The Black Ghost – a masked vigilante trying to take down the wealthy oligarchs carving up the fading metropolis. But as she searches for the breakthrough story she desperately needs, Lara will have to navigate the corruption of her adopted city, the uncertainties of virtue, and her own personal demons.

The Black Ghost is co-written by novelist Alex Segura (best known for his Pete Fernandez Miami mystery series) and Monica Gallagher – the same team who co-created and co-wrote the first season of the acclaimed crime podcast Lethal Lit, which The New York Times named as one of the Five Best Podcasts of 2018.

The Black Ghost is a grounded, emotional story about one woman’s quest to surpass her flaws and become the hero she’s always known she can be,” says Segura. “George Kambadais’ art style drives the fast-paced story forward. His line work is so clean it almost seems like animation, highly contrasting the gritty atmosphere and evoking an unexpected vibe.”

The Black Ghost is all about what happens when you’re given an amazing opportunity to do good, even if you’re not quite ready for it,” says Gallagher. “This was an important mindset that Alex and I were both eager to explore through Lara. By setting her demons against a pulpy, noir backdrop – which George’s beautiful artwork is perfect for – we’re able to contrast her personal messiness with the larger, sleeker crime world that engulfs her.”

The Black Ghost is already generating accolades from some of the biggest names in comics:


Black Ghost is a wonderful comic. Inventive and fresh and full of mystery and mood.”

–Jeff Lemire, writer of Black Hammer, and Descender


The Black Ghost is the modern pulp hero story I didn’t know I couldn’t live without. Smart writing, engaging characters and drawn with real charisma, it manages to be both sweetly nostalgic and completely energizing to the beloved pulp tradition that is its inspiration. I can’t wait for more.”

–Gail Simone, writer of Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Secret Six, and Clean Room


“Seriously compelling, with a lead you can’t help but root for. Read this.”

–Mark Waid, best-selling author of Kingdom Come, Daredevil, and Archie


The Black Ghost promises an amalgam of genres that takes on the realities and challenges of our world today. This fusion takes the thrills and suspense of masked caped crusades and blends in the mysteries of contemporary investigative journalism to tell a story that’s both exciting and current.”

–Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of Bitch Planet, Pretty Deadly, Aquaman and Captain Marvel


The Black Ghost is a great twist on classic pulpy superhero noir. Segura, Gallagher, and Kambadais have created a cast of characters and a world you’re going to want to come back to.”

–James Tynion IV, writer of Batwoman, Detective Comics, and The Woods


The Black Ghost comes with a hell of a first issue hook—the beginnings of a terrific mystery

full of potential.”

–Kelly Thompson, writer of Hawkeye, Uncanny X-Men, and Jessica Jones


A modern take on the urban vigilante story, The Black Ghost #1 debuts on September 18th from comiXology Originals.

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