The Biggest Heroes in Slot Games

Video and slot games have actually been lifting heroes, villains, and ideas from action movies for a very long time. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that many action heroes appear in different forms of entertainment – like comic books, online games, and even TV advertisements. 

This phenomenon also happens the other way round – movies and comic books are made based on heroes and characters of very popular video games. To explore the benefits that lie in the popularity of action heroes, 

The casino industry is actually developing a tonne of slot games based on these fictional characters. For your entertainment, some of the greatest heroes that have been featured in slot games are explained below. Fancy having a punt for free with some of these legendary characters? Check to see if you can claim your free spins here 


The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight film is all about chaos. In this incredible film, the “unstoppable force” of the Joker is combined with the “immovable object” of Batman and the result is some of the most captivating and darkest scenes that ever featured Batman. Despite being 12 years old, but several years after, many slots and video games still feature the DC superhero – players still cannot get enough of those.


Lara Croft

While the majority of the video game characters are lifted from action movies, Lara Croft is a fictional heroine in the Tomb Raider series from Square Enix. Since 1996, many video games have featured this English archeologist who’s brimming with beauty, braveness, and athleticism. 

Her character was created to match the abilities of any male adventurer in words and actions. From the video games at the initial stage, the character of Lara Croft has moved to movies, TV ads, and other entertainment forms. The character has also gone through a sort of transformation from the previous sex symbol to a vulnerable teen that later grew into a very powerful tomb raider.



We all know him and love him – he’s among the oldest fictional superhero characters for many Americans and the ultimate symbol of comic book hope. This character has been the subject of many comic books in the DC Comics series for a very long time – in the United States, the character is almost a culture. 

Superman emerged in 1933 and was portrayed in the first-ever ‘Action Comics’ comic in 1938.  Right from that pivotal moment, many video games, films, newspaper strips, TV programs, and radio serials have involved the Kryptonian. 

The fact that this character recorded a huge success spurred the birth of the superhero genre in the American comic books and many online casino slot games have also incorporated the character. Apart from providing video games full of action and thrills, the Man of Steel is also seen as a sign of longevity in the superhero entertainment scene..


Agent 47

The main character in the ever-expanding Hitman franchise, Agent 47 was developed by the IO interactive and has featured in two novels, and six games.

With his popularity growing form the video games, he was immortalized on the big screen by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation in 2007. In the movie, the character of Agent 47 was portrayed by Timothy Olyphant. This movie later got a remake in 2013, where a different actor portrayed Agent 47. 



Let’s be totally honest here – the action heroes of video games and online slot games are the main reason we play on them – we want to be like them.  As new action games and movies are released, more casino games with these heroes being center stage are expected from the industry – especially the slot games industry. 

Also, as we witness huge advancements in technology, the gaming environment, and the general quality of games are all expected to improve – meaning exciting times ahead.


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