THE BIG BURN #1 14-Page Digital Ashcan

You don’t have to wait till July to sneak into the white-hot pits of hell to get a taste of The Big Burn, the scorching new comic debut from the team of Joe Henderson (showrunner on Netflix’s Lucifer) and Lee Garbett (Loki, The Uncanny Spider-Man).

DSTLRY is offering a 14-page digital ashcan of The Big Burn #1, the heist-in-hell blockbuster, for FREE. (If you haven’t signed up for a free account—gasp-whatareyouevendoing!? Sign up here).

THE BIG BURN #1 Ashcan

Don’t wait to dive into the hottest launch of the summer. Read The Big Burn #1 Ashcan right now, and preorder the first issue at your local comic store before 6/10.

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