The Best of First Comics News – August 2017

Summer is over and soon the leaves will be changing and winter will be upon us. I think there may be a Game of Thrones quote in there somewhere but since I do not watch the show I will leave it up to you to decide. Another month of publishing is behind us and it is time for me to dive into the hundreds of posts from the last 31 days, pick out some that may have gotten lost in the flood of posts and highlight ones that deserve your attention. If there was an article that you enjoyed that did not make the list please drop me a line and I may add it, after all no one is perfect, not even your humble managing editor!

Wayne Hall is never one who hesitates about from speaking from the heart and his column titled “If I Don’t Know About It, It Obviously Sucks!” will likely strike a cord with some readers.

Martian Manhunter is a character that is tough to cosplay, you need the build, you need the shaved head and you need the green paint. Lots and lots of green paint! This Martian Manhunter cosplayer knows it out of the park, check out the forhead for pete’s sake! Attention to detail is key and this one is a home run!

The 100th Anniversary of Jack Kirby’s birth was a major cause of celebration this month podcast host Arthur Sippo joins in with a great interview with author Jeff Deischer. Jeff has written a book titled “The Strange Harvest of Dr. Aquarius” which takes many of Jack Kirbys characters who are in the public domain and creates an epic crossover between them all.

I know that Rik Offenberger, Editor-in-Chief and author of the MLJ Companion, is pretty damn excited about the Mighty Crusaders #1 launching in December but so am I and so should you! Rik talked with series writer Ian Flynn and got him to give fans some hints about what to expect at the end of the year in this site exclusive interview.

Phil Latter in writing a splendid series of articles about the Charlton Comics line of super-heroes that everyone really should read. It is well written, exhaustively researched and full of fascinating  information about characters you may know like The Question and Blue Beetle along with some you probably have never heard of. When Phil wrote the introduction to the first installment of The Charlton Comics Mystique he states that he has a book worth of material but no time to write it thus the series of smaller more focused posts. I for one hope that he eventually does find the time to write the definitive history of Charlton Comics as this series of posts is top notch and worth your time to read it.

Tanya Tate went to SDCC all all she brought back was EVER Disney Funko exlcusive figues. And I mean everyone of those little guys! Check out her video if you were not able to make the convention and wanted to see the exclusives that you missed.

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