The BEST Ghost Rider is DANNY KETCH

I’m MAD AS HELL so you’re going to READ about it.

Robbie Reyes gets to be on the MARVEL TV show AGENTS OF S.H.E.I.L.D.

Johnny Blaze gets to be in two mainstream MARVEL films starring Nicolas Cage (I know it wasn’t MCU cannon but still…)

Wheres the LOVE for Danny Ketch? The best Ghost Rider of them all!

When Danny was introduced with mystery and unanswered questions in Cypress Hills Cemetery. He proved to be so damn popular that other Marvel Comics books had him consistently used as a way to pop sales.

His Wikipedia BIO:


Daniel Ketch was born in Brooklyn, New York. One night, Daniel and his sister Barbara were attacked by gangsters; with his sister grievously wounded by Deathwatch, Daniel fled and hid in a junkyard, where he found a motorcycle bearing a mystical sigil. Upon touching the sigil, he was transformed into the Ghost Rider. This Ghost Rider was nearly identical to the previous, though his costume and bike had undergone a modernized tailoring. He beat the gangsters, but was unable to save Barbara, who had slipped into a coma as a result from her injury. She was eventually killed by Blackout, whom Ketch had acquired as a mortal enemy.
Ketch later learned the origin of Zarathos from the mystical dream lord Nightmare, who believed the entity to which Ketch was bound was Zarathos reborn and freed from the Soul Crystal. Ghost Rider denied this, though others, including Mephisto, believed otherwise.

Alliances and deaths

When Ghost Rider became a part of the team the Midnight Sons, he died twice. The first person who killed Ghost Rider was the vampire hunter Blade, who was at the time possessed by the mystical book the Darkhold. He was soon revived by the Darkhold Redeemers, along with everyone else killed by Blade. The second time Daniel Ketch was killed was by Zarathos, but, as previously, was resurrected.

Ketch and Johnny Blaze later learned they were long-lost brothers and that their family was the inheritor of a mystical curse related to the Spirits of Vengeance. Danny Ketch seemed to die by the hand of Blackout, but the Spirit of Vengeance to which he had been bound through the bike’s talisman lived on. During this time Ketch’s only existence remained inside a void and he was only able to communicate with Ghost Rider via the spirit world.


Danny had a great team-up with the original GR, Blaze in the pages of SPIRITS OF VENGEANCE

and was a key founding member of THE MIDNIGHT SONS. The allure of the powerful and mysterious Caretaker plus the introduction of the saber-toothed VENGEANCE was high points for the run.

Danny deserves to be recognized and given his moment to shine. Please MCU hear my cries!! 

Johnny Blaze with the hellfire gun would kickass too.


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