The Best Android Free Games 2018

Casinos have been a popular entertainment channel for many around the globe for the past century. With the rise of Free Slots, there has been a great turn on diversity and creativity through the introduction of mobile free slots. This means you are able to enjoy some of your favorite casino games on the go just by accessing them using your smartphone. Most of these games are available on the freemium service, but you can play for real money. Although mobile casino sites and games can be accessed on a mobile browser, Google Play or iOS, this article will cover the best free Android casino games of 2018 which are listed below.


Cleopatra Slot by Huuuge Global

This Cleopatra-themed slot has been developed by Huuuge Global. It is a paradise for those players who love Las Vegas thrill. The game features various wilds, multipliers, super and mystery symbols, which have different variations to choose from. Every day has a daily goal with lots of mystery prizes. All players have the ability to collect and claim their prizes. Bonus chips are given every hour meaning you are able to enjoy at any time. Since it also comes with 120 free spins, all you need to do is Spin and wait for the win!

Texas Hold’em

Is an interactive poker game available in many mobile casinos. The game features poker play among other interesting twists that will have you running missions in order to gain poker chips for asset exchange. You can use the poker chips to buy houses, cars or even get to travel around cities. Texas Hold’em also allows offline gameplay which means you can enjoy all the fun without having an internet connection.


Roulette Royale

Roulette Royal by Mywavia studios is a virtual simulated roulette casino game that allows players to enjoy free roulette. The game has live multiplayer options where you can play in tournaments together with thousands of players. You play with live bots that make it seem like you are enjoying the real live experience. One is also able to track personal session progress and purchase virtual tokens. There is also the opportunity of trying out different strategies.


Bingo Bash

Bingo Bash by GSN will get you into the world of free bingo. Players are given the opportunity to run against millions of other bingo players around the world. The bingo chat room also allows you to communicate with friends and other players. There are classic bingo room simulations where players get to experience different environment such as: exploring the Amazon, ruling the temple of Zeus or even hitting the Las Vegas Strip. These bingo cards will have the players experiencing the world of bingo like never before!



Baccarat from Full House Casino will expose you to the world of real and authentic casino experience. The aesthetics of the game will make you feel as though you are playing in the real set-up only that you are not wagering with real money as the game is free. This is a James Bond favorite that allows you to make great deals that gives you an opportunity to beat the banker. You also get to enjoy the jackpot party and be a true baccarat player!


Lucky Numbers Keno

Lucky Numbers Keno is an easy to play keno game that features a Las Vegas style that gives an authentic experience. The game has 5 themes to choose from, bonuses, autoplay options and more. The game also allows online multiplayer feature which gives you the opportunity to challenge your friends. If you wish to play for some crazy virtual wins, you can bet from as low as $0.01 to a maximum of $1 million.


World Series of Poker

World Series Of Poker is all about poker games and everything affiliated to the world of poker. There are many casino players that enjoy these poker games and are active in the various poker tournaments available. The many online contests make better for players to make tons of wins. An added advantage is players are able to play anonymously which is good if you value your privacy.



Zynga-slots is a top slots game heaven. They all have various themes with different dynamics. However, Zynga also has a poker version which is also interesting. Most slot games offer similar gameplay to other slots where you spin to either win or lose. Since the game is tuned more towards entertainment, do not take the wins too seriously as that is the end goal of the whole Zynga. All the games offered are freemium with none offering play for real money.


These are not all the free slots games you can get on Android through Google Play or APK downloads. However, we have tried to cover some of the free slots that you should definitely sample on your smartphone and join the mobile casino craze. All you will need is your Android device and internet access.



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