The Avenger Double Feature by Bobby Nash and Chuck Miller

Authors Bobby Nash and Chuck Miller have each written a novella about the classic Pulp Hero Richard Henry Benson: The Avenger.  these two stories have been published in a volume by Moonstone Publishing entitled, “The Avenger:  Double feature.”  The volume is available in softcover and hardcover formats directly from Moonstone.  The book will eventually be published in e-book format as well.

Bobby Nash’s story pits The Avenger and his crew against the Tartarus Legion in a battle to gain control of Black Water, an insidious new weapon.  There is lots of action as our heroes fight to save the world!

Chuck Miller’s tale pits Benson and Nellie Gray against a powerful and dangerous Ghost that is terrorizing a woman.  This is a detective story where The Avenger and Nellie fight to save their very souls!

We also discuss recently published and upcoming work by these two singular New Pulp master writers.


The Avenger:  Double Feature.


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