The Angel of Sadhill A superhero/spiritual thriller,An interview with creator Petterson Oliveira

First Comics News: Firstly, I wanna say thanks for doing this Petterson Oliveira If I may, can I ask you for some background information? Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

Petterson Oliveira: No problem. Thank you so much for having me. I was born in Brazil and lived there until my family came to Florida when I was nine. So, I kind of grew up in two places.

1st: Are you a writer, artist or both?

Petterson: I am both.

1st: Who are some of your creative influences?

Petterson: There are so many! Some come from comics like Todd McFarlane, Brian Stelfreeze, and Alan Moore and others from films like David Lynch, Melville, and the Wachoski siblings.

1st: If you could hang out with any creator who would it be and why?

Petterson: I would hang out with any creator famous or otherwise, but Brian Stelfreeze gives the best portfolio reviews, and he’s really generous with his time when it comes to young artists who need the right advice about their art. And he seems like a great mentor so I’d grab a cup of coffee with him… and Lee Weeks lol he knows magic.

1st: What are you reading, watching for entertainment?

Petterson: Whenever I have “free time” I read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon, for comics I buy the Walmart 100 page-DC books, The Shadow and I’m always looking for Mr. X comics from the 80s. On Netflix, I like shows like Sabrina, Saint Seya, Bojack Horseman, and I’ve been watching Dirty Dozen over and over as I work. with your fans about that experience?

Petterson: The Kubert school was an intense three years of my life where I learned so much and I met wonderful artists, mentors, and fellow collaborators like Chris Puglise whose colors make my book come to life and Al Urrutia who is my editor and an insatiable cinephile like me. I say intense three years because it’s just that, they give you a ton of work so you have to learn how to manage your time. It’s two classes a day so ten classes a week. If you’re fresh out of High School with no job you can manage pretty well, but I was working at Starbucks, volunteering at church and doing the Kubert school at the same time. So, I had some mini panic attacks in my second year there lol

1st: You manage a site called The Art of Nosrettep. (I assume is Petterson spelled backward) Gotta say that your art is amazing. The fans can check it out here at this link

Petterson: Thank you very much. Yes, Nosrettep is my name backward and it means the dream builder.

1st: Tell me Petterson are there any works you are especially proud of?

Petterson: Yes, my first comic gig was a four-page comic about kids dealing with siblings that are in the spectrum of autism/special needs. It’s called The Adventures from my World. Its very mind-opening and a bit sad. Although my art has much evolved since then, that story still holds up to me and I’m proud to have worked on it.

1st: Do you mind telling the readers about The Angel of Sadhill comic you are currently writing and drawing. You call it a superhero/spiritual thriller, that’s a very interesting choice of words can you share with the readers a little about the story.

Petterson: The Angel of Sandhill takes place in Brazil where I was born. It combines Iron Man with the crime thriller City of God. The main character has to bring peace to the most dangerous neighborhood/favela in Brazil called Sadhill by fighting corrupt police, drug dealers and maintain his sobriety. It’s a superhero genre because there’s a guy wearing a weaponized suit, it’s a spiritual thriller because something called The Whisperer reveals itself to the main character through the suit.

1st: Who is on the creative team with you for The Angel of Sadhill?

Petterson: The creative team is made up of myself on story and art, Chris ‘PUG’ Puglise on colors, my wife Bercy ‘Noel’ Oliveira on letters, and Al ‘Hombre’ Urrutia as editor.

1st: You are currently raising funds for the project through Kickstarter. I have posted a link for anyone who wants to help.

Are there any projects you would like your fans to know that was not covered in this interview?

Petterson: I am working on several projects right now but all of them are shrouded by secrecy.

1st: Petterson are there any people or groups you would like to acknowledge and give a shout out to that we didn’t mention in this interview?

Petterson: Shout out to everyone who still read, makes and love comics.

1st: Thanks once again Petterson Oliveira for this amazing interview. It was my honor and pleasure to talk with such a talented creator.

Petterson: Thanks again for having and helping spread the word.

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