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As it heads into its sophomore year of publishing, Starburns Industries Press sets it’s eyes on remastering an independent series, B-Squad, from indie darling author Eben Burgoon and a rotating roster illustrators and artists that change issue to issue. B-Squad shares the ridiculous and dangerous missions of an expendable team of misfit mercenaries ranging from pop-culture riffs to cut from whole cloth oddballs. The bargain-bin commandos tackle leftover assignments of other more respected mercenary groups.

SBI Press’ run begins with a remaster of the series debut “Conspiracy in Cambodia”, originally independently published in 2013. Written by Burgoon and illustrated by Lauren Monardo, B-Squad is tasked with protecting a free-range cadre of “mugwai” from a group of radicalized hipsters who poach the furry critters for unknown gain. Series creator, Eben Burgoon, comments “I seriously can’t think of a better home for B-Squad than SBI Press. Bringing this passion project of mine to a creative-focused publisher that has a track record for making undeniably extraordinary work in so many mediums is a pinch-me caliber dream.”

Illustrator Michael Calero returns to B-Squad to take over as the series’ Artistic Lead for Starburns Industries Press’ run. Calero previously contributed to B-Squad’s sixth book in 2015 and returns to create all-new covers and contribute to an all-new second mission. Additionally, he’ll also be debuting his own creator-owned comic, Monster Safari, as a back-up story to B-Squad beginning with Mission One.

“Monster Safari fits perfectly into what SBI Press and Eben are crafting with the B-Squad format. To get the offer to come back to B-Squad and also have this comedy adventure story I’d wanted to create just felt really serendipitous. To get to do both in the same book is really exciting.” said Calero.

In the spirit of a Saturday morning cartoon block, each B-Squad book serves as home for brand new tangential comics like Calero’s “Monster Safari” and “Tiny Wizards” Burgoon’s newest creation, with art by Dean Beattie, about six-inch-tall wizards trapped in the fast-food culture of a remote truck stop. The remastered books are rounded out with activities, puzzles, and bonus content in homage to dentist office staples like Highlights magazine and ZooBooks. “B-Squad is all about change, but one thing that won’t change is my commitment to chaotic random death determined by a die roll.” maintains Burgoon. In each story, the author spins an antique six-sided top to determine which squadmate will be killed off permanently and replaced with a new rookie in the each subsequent book.

“B-Squad is the exact kind of work we want to be publishing at SBI — funny, irreverent, genre-mashing, action-packed, and, above all, unexpected.” adds Trevor Richardson, SBI Press’ VP of Acquisition, “We are looking forward to a long creative partnership with Eben and Michael as they join us in experimenting with storytelling and medium through an entire team of weirdos for hire.”

The first 48+ page giant size book will also be available in local comic shops and is available to pre-order through Diamond Previews and select online retailers. The debut issue is currently scheduled for the second week of July 2019. A preview of B-Squad will be available in Free Comic Book Day 2019’s edition of Starburns Presents from SBI Press, check with your local comic shop for more information!

“Starburns Industries Press has a mantra that their projects should be beautiful, strange, sad, and funny… and that might be my first tattoo.” considers Burgoon.

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B-Squad is currently on pre-order through Diamond Comics Distributors. Place your order through your local comic shop using order code APR191949. To find your nearest comic shop, visit!

B-Squad is also available through,, and will be available at most independent book store chains.

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