The Adventures of Lightning Marval #1 preview

The Adventures of Lightning Marval #1
Warren Montgomery: writer, artist, cover
24 black and white pages
Release date: September 16th, 2020

Introducing Lightning Marval! Will Lill Comics’ silliest superhero. Written and drawn by Warren Montgomery (Over The Garden Wall, Ben 10, Galaktikon), this revised first issue reprints a six-page story from Fun Adventure Comics! #15 along with sixteen new pages. Enjoy the adventures as millionaire Freddie Fruitt summons his other half to keep his girlfriend, television reporter Lisa Teapot, and the other citizens of Happytoe, Oregon safe from the evil villain Pookah Dah Ha and The Armpit. Along the way, he encounters new allies and a rogues’ gallery of bad guys. This first issue comes with 2 cover versions. Regular and a variant pack that includes a mini-print, logo sticker, and trading card (website exclusive). Print versions will be available on the WLC website. Digital version (except variant cover pack) will be available at ComiXology, Kindle, and DriveThru Comics.

Besides these 3 preview pages, you can download a free 10 preview here(PDF):  The Adventures Of Lightning Marval #1_Preview.pdf

Will Lill Comics is an indie publisher based in Portland, OR, and has been publishing since 2012. Titles include John Kirby: Firefox (drawn by superstar indie artist Luis Rivera), Fun Adventure Comics! and Monty’s World. You can check out these titles here:

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