THE ADORABLE BEASTLING The classic fable The Ugly Ducking, in reverse!


Writer(s): Jonathan Rosenbaum
Artist Name(s): Jonathan Rosenbaum
Cover Artist(s): Jonathan Rosenbaum
32 pgs./ E / FC

Action Lab: Discover presents Jonathan Rosenbaum’s THE ADORABLE BEASTLING! This is the tale of The Ugly Duckling in reverse. In this world, Beastling are fierce creatures that scare for food. But one group of young Beastlings have an adorable oddball among them who is too cute to live up to the Beastling ways. How will she survive in this scary world?

Creator/writer/illustrator Jonathan Rosenbaum had this to say about THE ADORABLE BEASTLING: “It’s a non-traditional take on a traditional story in a familiar yet odd world, meant to relate to children and people of all ages.” When reading this book, he wants readers to feel “That it’s OK to be yourself.” He goes on to say, “I find that the idea of not fitting it is common. I wanted a sweet, fun and unique way to express this, and I feel like I’ve done it.”

A standalone Action Lab: Discover story about accepting yourself for who you are, THE ADORABLE BEASTLING is the perfect book to help kids get into reading. Out in comic book stores this November 2019, you can pre-order the hardcover with the Diamond item code SEP191360.

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