A heavy metal road trip from hell!

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (February 1, 2024)— Dark Horse Books is about to rock your world with the new graphic novel Spinal Cord, a love letter to heavy metal and bone-chilling horror. Written by David Braña (Lady Enigma, Evil War) and illustrated by Pahito, this coming-of-age narrative arrives Fall 2024.


The members of the heavy metal band Spinal Cord dream of making it big in the music world. When they are selected to participate in a prestigious touring competition sponsored by the famous metal label Pain Records, they jump at the chance to prove themselves. What they don’t know is that the horrors haunting their journey are very, very real, and the contest will challenge more than just their musical talent. In fact, it will alter their very perception of reality…


“The idea of Spinal Cord had been in my head for a long time,” said Braña. “I wanted to write about a music band trying to make its way in today’s complicated industry. Pahito and I both love metal music, so after talking, the creative sparks flew for Spinal Cord. It has been a pleasure to travel Route 666 in his company. We have paid a well-deserved tribute to the music and we have let ourselves be carried away on an adventure with different styles of horror, with characters who feel and suffer and who try to achieve their dreams, like most of us. Now I just hope readers enjoy this journey too!


“When David asked me, ‘Do you like heavy metal? Because I want you to draw a comic about a band facing zombies, vampires, and other monsters,’ I had to pause Chaos A.D. by Sepultura, because I was so excited that I couldn’t listen to music and read at the same time,” added Pahito. “All the fantastical elements that I like the most come together in this project. Right away I began to develop a great affection for the protagonists, their stories, and their motivations. As every successful band needs a dynamic relationship between its members, a good story needs action, terror, heavy metal, and a lot of friendship.”


Spinal Cord is perfect for fans of The Roadie, Festival, and Cold Iron.


Spinal Cord Volume 1 (200 pages, 6.625 x 10.1875”) arrives in bookstores on September 10, 2024 and in comic shops September 11, 2024. It is now available to preorder at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, local comic shops, and indie bookstores for $24.99.

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