Ten-Forward Vodka Returns From Space and Begins Shipping to Buyers


Each Bottle Sold Contains Vodka Returned From Space Exploration

September 27, 2018, Dallas, TX – Ten-Forward Vodka, inspired by the lounge onboard the Starship U.S.S. Enterprise-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation, has returned from space exploration and has begun shipping to buyers. The premium vodka sells for $29.99 at www.tenforwardvodka.com.

To honor the Star Trek legacy, Ten-Forward Vodka traveled into space before being blended into the stocks of the premium spirit, insuring that a portion of every bottle will contain vodka that has explored space.

Ten-Forward Vodka is made from choice American grain, carefully distilled six times, and delivered via terrestrial and interstellar transport for the enjoyment of adventurers on planet Earth, onboard the Starship Enterprise-D, and across the galaxy. Graphic designer and Star Trek veteran Mike Okuda lends his contributions to this product.

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