My newest series TEEN BEETLE debuted on Kickstarter today with Silverline Comics as part of a double-feature with Silverline mainstay Switchblade.

Teen Beetle tells the tale of teenager Blake Northrup, who has discovered the powerfully transformative secret formula Vitamin 2x, but now must stave off the menacing attacks of Dr. Mantis and his cohorts, who seek to capture the secret formula and use its powers to propel them forward in their plans for world domination..

TEEN BEETLE is written by me, with art from industry veteran Dell Barras (DC Comics, Marvel UK), colors from GeriLou Smith (Antarctic Press) and letters from Hector Negrete (Antarctic Press, Heavy Metal). Issue #1 includes a standout standard cover (see below) from artist Peter Clinton and an Kickstarter exclusive cover compliments of the legendary Ben Dunn (Netflix’s Warrior Nun.)

Click on this link: Kickstarter.com to be transported to the Kickstarter campaign, then grab yourself a copy (or two) before time runs out on January 31!

– John E Crowther

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