TECH NOIR: THE ART OF JAMES CAMERON (Insight Editions; 12/14), a new book from James Cameron and Insight Editions that explores the creative evolution of James Cameron through an exclusive journey into his personal art archives, showcasing a range of rare and never-before-seen works from the acclaimed director’s private collection. For the first time, Tech Noir brings together a dazzling and diverse array of personal and commercial art from Cameron’s own archive, showcasing the trajectory of ideas that led to such modern classics as The Terminator, Aliens, Titanic, and Avatar. Including everything from his earliest sketches through to unrealized projects and his acclaimed later work, this book features the filmmaker’s personal commentary on his creative and artistic development throughout the years.

NEW SPREADS: We’ve released never-before-seen spreads from the book in the TECH NOIR PRESS KIT which are available for publication now.

PRESS ROUNDTABLE: On Saturday, 12/4 at 4:00pm EST, James Cameron will join via Zoom from New Zealand, where he is filming the next installment in the Avatar series, to discuss Tech Noir. Please let me know if you are interested in attending/covering.

REVIEW COPIES are available now!

“Tech Noir represents my full creative journey, from schoolbook sketches inspired by my voracious consumption of sci-fi novels, through to fully rendered pieces of concept art for The Terminator, Aliens, and Avatar,” Cameron says. “It also features never-before-seen imagery from my unmade sci-fi epic Xenogenesis, along with theatrical posters I painted for B-movie studios to help pay the rent when I was trying to land my first directing gig. The illustrations are accompanied by raw commentary and stories about my early life that I’ve never told before– some of which even surprised me!”

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