Tarot#136 Cover : Tarot’s Terror-Special Bundle Ends tomorrow!

Monster Take Over!
Tomorrow I will be changing over the jimbalent.com website!
So grab the #135 & #136 Special Bundles!!
Tarot #135 will be in Stores this Wed!
Have a Fangtastique week!
Lady Holly

Halloween Rules in this Studio!

PreOrder with the $40 Bundle!

Dracula wants to drink the Blood of Tarot because he believes drinking the Witch’s Blood will give him Magical powers.

Doctor Frankenstein wants Tarot for her body parts to create a Witch Mate for his Creature!

It’s Witches verses Monsters once again! Winner gets the Swordmaiden’s body and blood!

ships late Oct 2022

Photocover included in bundle
art print included

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