Tarot#128 FIRST LOOK

Jim and I are Super busy!
I JUST updated the website for the NEW specials for Tarot!!
Look below for the Splendid NEW art Jim created for Tarot#128!
Now you may PreOrder the $40 Bundle!
TAROT#128: Dead End? part 2 art & story by Jim Balent
The Bundle will Include Both Editions of Cover A and Cover B, the Art Print & the photo Cover
PLUS a Mystery Gift and a Faerie Realm Sticker!

PreOrder the Tarot#128 Bundle!

$40 Tarot#128 Bundle

Art Print included in 128 bundle

Photocover included in the bundle

PreOrder Tarot#126 Raven Hex CosPlayer Skyclad Anniversary Cover

Only 200 of these Limited Edition Anniversary Variant Covers have been created!
Celebrating 21 Years of Tarot! This Photocover has been photographed by Steffen Volkmer and digital magic by Jochen Volkmer featuring the exotic model, Madeleine Le Roy.
Comes signed by the artist, bagged & boarded.

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