Tarot#128 Early Bird $7 Bundle!


Happy May!!
Jim is nearly done with the pencils/inks of the Tarot#128 story!
The Krampus Trade is at the Printers and we accept then to be in the studio perhaps next week?
I just finished production on my upcoming Divination Deck that will be a part of our upcoming June Kickstarter!…stay tuned for a peek!
Look below for all the awesomeness that is a part of Tarot #128 print run!
Merry Dark Moon!

Welcome to the Early Bird Incentive $7 Special!!

With this $7 Special, you will receive the A & B covers of the Issue that is featured
Along with a Mystery Gift! ( a $12.98+ value!)

PreOrder the Tarot#128 Bundle!

$7 Tarot#128 Bundle
Add on the Art print for $15- reg $19.99
Add on the Photo Edition for only $15- reg $19.99!

Starting at $40 Build Your own Skyclad Bundle!
Tarot#128 Skyclad Editions!

Build your own Skyclad Bundle


Add on the Studio Edition for only $15- reg $19.99!

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