TANGLED RIVER – First TWO issues now available!

Michael Cohen’s

First TWO issues now available!



Tangled River is an all-ages science fiction story, told from the point of view of Tanya, an artistic teen growing up in a space colony on a distant Earth-like world sometime in the future.

Earth colonies have been set up across the planet, but a mysterious event ten years previously has wiped out all technology. Tanya is one of the small group of children born on this planet, who have never seen any of the technological wonders that their parents once took for granted. Now at age 14, her life consists of school, chores, taking care of her sick mom, and hanging out with her rebellious best friend, Licorice. All that changes when she sees a mysterious flaming object in the sky.

The heart of the tale is Tanya’s relationship with her mother and friend, especially when both join her as part of an expedition to find the remains of the ship that brought them here from Earth. It’s a coming-of-age story, told as a memoir, as Tanya struggles to find her identity in a society where she isn’t highly valued.

Each issue of TANGLED RIVER features a standard cover by Michael Cohen and a variant cover by Jenni (DREAMWALKER) Gregory!



Enjoy this seven page preview of TANGLED RIVER #1.  If you like what you see, please go grab this comic today!



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