Talk About Being on a Roll … Alien Toilet Monsters #1

Aliens. Toilets. And Monsters. What more could you ask for? And yet, if you take the title of this comic at face value you might arrive at some incorrect conclusions about the comic work of creators Carol Zara and Eric Barnett. Yes, the book is adult in nature with some naughty words sprinkled here or there. But this nuanced introduction to the Alien Toilet Monster world is much deeper and as multi-dimensional as the multiple dimensions depicted in the story.

Alien Toilet Monsters #1 FanExpo Cover
Alien Toilet Monsters #1 FanExpo 2017 Cover

Set in the near future, Alien Toilet Monsters opens with the introduction of Multi-241, an alternate dimensional version of Earth filled with monster-like creatures. Multiple eyes, blossoming faces with row upon row of teeth, the kind of creatures featured in finer science fiction horror movies these days. Great, so the story is about these creatures? Not so fast. Turns out this Multi-241 sequence is a holographic documentary-style TV show being watched in a greasy spoon diner on a safer version of Earth. The diner’s owner, Frankie, lost the love of his life 15 years ago but with the introduction of Multi travel an alternative version of his love, Angel, pops in for a visit. Unfortunately for everyone else, alternative-Angel’s alternative-Frankie shows up. In the world of Alien Toilet Monsters if two versions of the same person meet and touch it sets off a dangerous dimensional rift-like event. So dangerous that the I.M.P.D. was created. The I.M.P.D. is a mysterious police force tasked with the job of enforcing the laws regarding Multi travel so naturally, they also show up at the diner. Needless to say, someone touches someone and zap!

Woven into this story is another diner patron who goes by the online name of 4NDR34, a super fan of the Flying Cockroaches with Werewolf Teeth mascots that shill for a soda pop company. These mascots are so popular that not only do they warrant their own fandom but Hollywood is looking at making a movie. In a moment of meta, real-life Carol Zara casts herself as a character in Alien Toilet Monsters as an “unknown” actress snagging the lead role in the FCWWT movie. 4ndr34 is not pleased upon hearing this news. Not pleased at all. Her little tirade over Carol’s casting is epically drawn as a demonic possession with flaming eyes, vipers on her shoulders and skeletons erupting from her mouth.

Alien Toilet Monsters #1 Interior Page
Alien Toilet Monsters #1 Interior Page

And I haven’t even touched on the scientists and the creature jumping from Multi-241. It took me a few reads to grasp all the layers but once I did the intrigue of Carol and Eric’s world building hit me hard. Needless to say, I need more Alien Toilet Monsters in my life. The dialog is salty (so not for the young ones) but witty and Eric Barnett’s art is stylish, detailed and well done.

A “zero” issue was released in 2015, a FanExpo Canada exclusive preview issue was released in 2016, an abridged version was released through Nerd/Comic Block earlier this year. The full, first edition was made available at this year’s FanExpo Canada 2017 in a regular Cover A and a limited Cover B that my buddy Harold has dubbed the Zara Kick cover. For a listing of comic shops that are currently carrying Alien Toilet Monsters #1 check out this site Alien Toilet Monsters #1 is also available online bundled with a limited edition print at

Ultimately, Alien Toilet Monsters is way more than it should be and a really satisfying comic if you invest the time and really pay attention when reading the book. I’m in. I’m hooked. Where is issue #2?

Issue: Alien Toilet Monsters #1 | Publisher: Omnimorphic
Writers: Carol Zara & Eric Barnett | Artist: Eric Barnett
Price: $4.99


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