Tales From the Territories

Each episode of Territories is in the roundtable format. Jason Eisener explains that “the show is about one topic or one event.” “But, we wanted to try to recreate that feeling of being around a table with wrestlers when they’re telling stories and kind of bouncing back and forth, like off each other. We bring them all to a table and they sit down and we try to create a good environment for them to have fun telling their stories. And then we do the re-enactments, kind of similar to like we do with Dark Side of the Ring. Each episode is like, five to six different stories within the territory.”

Evan Husney interjects, “we say it’s almost like Tales from the Crypt format, you know where it’s kind of anthology of stories. It’s not a total history of the territory. It’s literally, you’re a fly on the wall for these four or five wrestlers coming together for the first time. Some that haven’t been in the same room in 35 years when they were working together in the 80s. It’s a cool vibe.”

“I remember several years ago, I think it was maybe STARRCAST, walking into a bar and it was Road Warrior Animal, Scott Norton, Eric Bischoff, and Sonny Oono and a bunch of these guys around a table, a few beers in, and they’re just telling these stories that were just jaw-dropping. Every one. One guy told a story and then the next guy told a story, and they just kind of went down the line. One story turned into 20 stories. I remember even Eric Bischoff at the time leaned over and was like, ‘this could be recreated for television’ and it was like, ‘I know. I’ve been thinking the same thing.’ That’s what the challenge of this was. Can we recreate this naturalistic, old time wrestlers hanging out and telling their best stories?”

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