Sweet Lullaby #3 Review

Lullaby is a second generation assassin who works for a government black-ops agency under the supervision of her father. The series features current day events mixed with flashbacks to tell her story. The reader will see the modern Lullaby deep under cover working to kill some of the countries worst criminals and then flashback to see the younger version learning the skills she has shown. It is an effective tool and allows the splitting of assignments she is on bookends the flashbacks.

This is the third issue of Sweet Lullaby and we have followed her progress from green rookie practicing her sniping skills on sheep to ruthlessly killing a gun runner with his own lawn mower. The stories are beginning to tighten around each other as Lullaby contemplates perhaps leaving the agency for the first time due to a budding romance with a most unlikely of suitors. She is also recognized by a former neighbor from a previous assignment which could threaten to derail a long running investigation.

It took a few issues for Sweet Lullaby to really catch my attention but when I finished this issue I realized how much I was looking forward to the next issue. It really snuck up on me in an unexpected way and now I am interested in seeing how the story by AJ Scherkenbach progresses. The artwork by J. Briscoe Allison is strong in a very 90’s independent way, it is easy to follow and pleasant on the eyes with bright vivid colors. The creators work well together and I am hoping they stick together on this book for a while as Lullabys story unfolds. If you have not had a chance to check out this series I would recommend picking the issues up or grabbing the trade paperback when it comes out in March, I think that you will like what you read.

Sweet Lullaby #3
Darby Pop Comics – $3.99

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