Superstar Sydney: the Artist from the 7th grade!

Look at this Talent!! …and she’s only 12 yrs old!! What the HECK!!

Hello dear readers, in my journey all over this great country sometimes I come across pure TALENT. The thing with artistic inspiration is that it has no age limit and by goodness I had to share with my friends and peers that work in the comics and pop culture world, about my latest find; her name is: Sydney Scott and she’s only 12 years old!! What What Whaaat?! Yup, She only really started drawing 2 years ago, and is completely self taught. According to her mother Dee, Sydney was born in Chilliwack B.C. Canada and now lives in Boise Idaho. I discovered her when I was working as a youth counselor at a school in the mountains back in 2017. She showed promise then and her mother has kept in touch with me. This girl will have a lot of doors open to her if she keeps at it. She loves to draw anime as you can see in her pics. Remember folks, this young inspiration is only in the seventh grade! What a career she has ahead of herself.



If you’d like to keep up with her art and budding artistic future, go follow her on Instagram. Her handle is: sydney_sc0tt (that’s sc- 0 -tt with a zero). I’ll see ya over there, HEY SYDNEY KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! We’ll see you at Comic Con in a few years. ~

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