Superheroes Who Could Ace the World of Gambling

The wonderful world of animation does not only bring fascination to viewers but also inspiration because of amusing characters and great abilities. Superheroes, for instance, are very influential as they show-off their marvelous talents and capabilities during an encounter with the enemy. Superheroes are perceived as risk-takers. They sometimes face the battlefield without carrying any armor or gun with them. It is only their adrenaline-driven nature and enormous power what will bring them to the winning end. Such can be associated with the concept of gambling. If superheroes can be gamblers, where they you going to play in bingo sites for humans like or in gambling sites for superheroes. Who will be the best player? Read along to find out.




One of the most common games seen in any casino hall is the roulette. If there would be a superhero who can excellently ace a game of roulette, it would be Magneto. Magneto has the ability to control and mold metals. Applying this power in the game of roulette, Magneto can surely control the roulette ball moving towards the exact space on the wheel. Roulette for Magneto is just a piece of cake as he can maneuver, operate or control the ball towards his desired number hole. If Magneto plays roulette in a real casino room, he will certainly bring home all the money with him leaving the casino bankrupt. Same is true if Magneto enters bingo halls. Since he has the power to control an object, he can also control or switch the bingo ball to his desired number. This would allow him to win the jackpot price quickly with just a few bingo balls called.





The charming character of Gambit is what X-Men fans enjoy. He possesses a playful nature aswend charisma that makes him fun to watch. He has a certain appeal that makes every scene light and bubbly. Gambit will never bore the viewer because of amusing moves and handling of playing cards. If it is your first time to know about Gambit, he is one of the X-Men characters who dressed like a magician. He carries with him a deck of cards that he uses to trick his enemy in the form of fire and smoke. His familiarity with cards brings his enemy to the losing end.


invisible-womanInvisible Woman


If you have watched the film Fantastic Four, you will be amazed with the powers Invisible Woman possesses. Since she can just disappear anytime and anywhere, she can surely gamble excellently in a game of poker. Invisible Woman can win the pot at the end of the poker game even if she holds weak cards. She can discreetly stand up and ask her fellow players for an excuse to leave the table. As she comes back, she has transformed into an Invisible Woman thereby allowing her to peep on her opponents’ cards. Since she is using her powers to cheat on her fellow players, still she has the capacity to win and succeed in this gambling activity.



Admittedly, superheroes will play with a lot of cheating because they make use of their powers and abilities. Nevertheless, the thought of their winning brings a lot of fun and excitement to us viewers. On this note, we can conclude that superheroes can be the richest people on earth, only if they use their powers to gamble. Good thing that superheroes doesn’t play in gambling sites.


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