Captain Canada – JRD Publishing
Dressed in the proverbial red and white costume with a Maple Leaf (along with the distinctive touch of antlers) on the face mask, Captain Canada received his incredible strength from eating magic muskeg a substance created out of the collision between a meteor charged with good karma and fertile Canadian muskeg. The same magic muskeg gave his constant companion Beaver Boy his incredible intelligence. Beaver Boy, by the way, was the survivor of a plane crash whom “Captain Canada” gave to his beaver friends to raise. Thus in the “Captain, we have the brawn, but no brains, and in puny Beaver Boy we have the brains.

Captain Canuck – Lev Gleason Comics
om Evans was a lieutenant in the Canadian Army when he went AWOL to track down his missing brother, Michael. With the aid of Olivia Wallace-Yeates, he tracked Michael to a remote location on Melville Island in the Arctic Circle, where Michael had been exposed to the Borealis Seed Protocol, an extraterrestrial technology of then-unknown purpose. The protocol gave Michael peak human intelligence and erratic access to the Borealis Datastrem, and gave Tom peak human physical abilities and access to the Borealis bio-armour. When Michael formed the international crisis-response and humanitarian reliorganizationion Equilibrium, Tom took on the role of Captain Canuck, its public face.

Fleur de Lys – Lev Gleason Comics
Manon is a former Olympic athlete and international pop star, and Canada’s first and most beloved superhero, operating under the code name Fleur de Lys. She formed PACT, the Paranormal Activities Containment Team, in response to Joseph Evans’ assertion that Earth was in imminent danger of alien invasion. She and Evans made first contact with the lightbased alien entity, VIIN. Her recruits to PACT have included Phil Wise (Northguard), Crucible, Redcoat, Kebec, and Captain Canuck. ADDITIONAL NOTES: As of the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, she was Canada’s most decorated Olympian.

Guardian – Marvel Comics
James MacDonald Hudson was the original Guardian and the first leader, and creator, of Alpha Flight. He seemingly perishedamidf battle and his widow, the Vindicator, took over thereinss of leadership after his death. He has since returned and is once again the leader of Alpha Flight.

Kubec – Lev Gleason Comics
Yvette met and befriended Tom Evans in the army when they were both placed in the “Problem Child Exchange” special operations unit. Upon discovering that he was helping the locals under the Sur Saray alias, she agreed to keep his secret. She later joined Tom as a member of Michael Evan’s Equilibrium under the code name Kebec. She joined PACT, for a short time at the invitation of her childhood hero, Manon DesChamps; formerly the superhero Fleur de Lys. She was seriously injured while helping to defeat the alien Pharos. Currently serving as the personal attaché to the PriMinisterter of Canada.

Major Mapleleaf – Marvel Comics
Louis Sadler Jr., the younger son of the original Major Mapleleaf, assumes the mantle of Major Mapleleaf. Bearing the rank of staff sergeant in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Sadler takes the codename Major Mapleleaf honorour his father. Sadler is recruited by Sasquatch as one of the new members of the Alpha Flight team when aliens kidnap the original team.

Métis – G-Man Comics
Niiwana was a métis girl from the Anishinaabe people, she is of the Nooke Doodem and she was serving her country with honor and valor, stationed at Camp Nathan Smith. When she was pinned down under heavy fire in Kandahar with two other soldiers she carried one of her wounded brothers in arms out of the battlefield on her shoulders. She earned the Star of Military Velour that day. She felt that everyone accepted her help but no one accepted an Anishinaabehalf-breedd as an equal.
After completion of her tour of duty, former American Marine, Samuel Williams, recruited her to join his Dark Water Security Company, a private defense contractor. After some trouble in the media. Dark Water Security transformed from private defense security to private caped security and Niiwana became the superhero for hire known as Métis.

Northguard – Lev Gleason Comics
Phil Wise briefly attended Stanford Graduate School of Business with Michael Evans before leaving to pursue a law degree at McGill. After passing the bar in Quebec, he was hired by PACT as a legal advisr, but was sent in undercover to Equilibrium on a fact-finding mission because of hil connection to Equilibrium founder Michael Evans. He stole the Uniband and the Northguard uniform from Evas, and was assigned the role of Northguard as a PACT field agent. During a battle with the alien entity Pharos, he lost his right am, and was given a high-tech replacement arm that incorporates the power of the Uniband.

Vindicator – Marvel Comics
Heather McNeil took over the leadership of Alpha Flight following the death of her husband Guardian, through the use of his Battle Suit. After her husband was revived and resumed the role of Guardian, Heather became the Vindicator and continued to be a member of Alpha Flight.

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