• Over 500 pages of independent superhero comics and prose!
  • Over $600 of giveaways, including a critique of YOUR work, posters, clothes, music, and of course, tons and tons of books!
  • A collection of hopes and dreams that cost well over $30,000 in artist work and writer time over more than 13,200 hours, compiled over the course of a YEAR
  • A massive tome that would cost over $100 in print at bookstores
  • A celebration of all skill levels, from professional artists who’ve worked for Marvel and an actual director of the Science Fiction Writers of America, to first-time creators drawing on their tablets
  • Comics ranging from black and white to full wild color
  • Yours to download free! Check it out

Don’t forget, as you’re reading, at the end of every story in the anthology is a chance for you to win up to $600 of stuff. So definitely check out those good things, and click the links in the pdf!

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