Super Sugar and Boy Coffee: Issues #1 & 2

Super Sugar and boy coffee 2-Issue COLORED Compilation

Super Sugar and boy coffee is a story about two superheroes that live and fight crime in Cubica City, a bustling metropolis replete with characters that are living, breathing brand-name mascot characters (sort-of), just living their lives as best as they can.  But, just like with any other city, there is crime and criminality, evil and evil-doers!

That’s where our intrepid heroes come in!

Super Sugar and boy coffee take the mantle of ‘Cubica’s Protectors’ upon themselves right from the get-go, thwarting crime, busting knuckles, and capturing ne’er do wells, all in the name of justice, peace, and a darn good cup of coffee to boot!

Join Super Sugar and his trusty sidekick boy coffee and their many hilarity-filled adventures thwarting evil-doers and ne’er-do-wells in the bustling metropolis of Cubica City!

In this 2-issue compilation, chock-full of nutritious story and energized characters, our illustrious heroes mangle with rampaging, robotic ruffians created by the Legume of Larceny himself, Doctor Beans, and his wacky totally naive hench-nut, the Tree Nut of Terror, Nuts!

Will Super Sugar and boy coffee be up to the task of recycling these metal meanies or will there be a LOT of collateral damage, and perhaps a lesson to be learned?

The 2-issue paperback compilation includes the complete first and second issue of Super Sugar and boy coffee in color for the first time.

  • A Saddle-Stitched, 6.625 inches x 10.25 inches Comic Book.
  • 48 pages of content, including sketch gallery and WIP
  • Digital Download PDF with every book!

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