The year is 2100, and the world has been at peace for decades due to the success of the previous generation’s superheroes. These mightiest of Earth’s mortals achieved what no other generation could, decades-long peace and harmony amongst all it’s people.

So much peace that superheroes became obsolete, a thing of the past, resigned to the subject of bedtime stories parents tell their children at night. As the world’s greatest super heroes grew old, retired, and passed away, there were no new superheroes coming up to take their place. There was simply no need.

But, we all know that the universe abhors a vacuum and one fateful day, the peace and tranquility that humankind had grown so accustomed to, was shattered.

Out of nowhere a creature of unknown origin calling himself Darkon emerged, summoning an army of monsters called Gors, and attacks the peaceful people of Earth. Is this creature human? Demon? Alien? All of the above? Nobody knows.

Earth’s military might, which itself hasn’t been tested in decades, proves useless against these creatures, as the world’s greatest minds gather desperately to figure out how to save life as they know it.

In this meeting, one scientist speaks up and says that he may have a solution. He reveals that years earlier a scientific team, not sanctioned by any government, which he lead, was researching a possible link between a human’s genetic makeup and their probability of becoming a superhero. The code name for the project was Super Joe. DNA samples were taken of many and experiments were conducted.

The team found links in super hero DNA, were able to isolate them, and subsequently able to create clones of the greatest super heroes ever known. They were even able to splice multiple DNA together to create even more versatile and intelligent super humans.

The lead scientist had concerns about the ethics of the experiments, though, not to mention the potential safety risks to the public, so he shut it all down. But not before they had created an entire army of clones. An entire army of Super Joes!

The Super Joe experiments were literally “put on ice” decades ago—each and every one cryogenically frozen, waiting for the day they might be called upon to save the world… and TODAY IS THAT DAY!

Please join us as Power Comics Group introduces Super Joe Unlimited.

Cover by Bob Hall

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