SUNLIGHT Graphic Novel

Clover Press is proud to announce SUNLIGHT — a new graphic novel about a group of thrill-seeking cave divers trapped deep in an abandoned mine!

SUNLIGHT will be available on April 6 and can be ordered through Diamond Distributorsor directly from Clover Press.


by Christophe Bec and Bernard Khattou

Three young friends, Kevin, Carol, and Eva, who are passionate about caving, decide to explore the ruins of an abandoned mine. They discover, bathed in the light of dawn, a surreal setting to explore. As soon as they enter, they take a dizzying fall through a poorly sealed well. Now trapped at the bottom of an abyss where not a ray of light reaches, they have only one thing to do: wait for help to survive.

Victims of their anxiety, they begin to lose their bearing. Fear and madness set in, making it impossible to discern reality from illusion.

French team Christophe Bec and Bernard Khattou deliver a thrilling story that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire way through!

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