SUNDAY SUPER CINEMA: Wrath of the Wolverine

After a devastating tragedy occurs at Logan’s school for mutants, the X-Men are left shaken. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, the Wolverine exacts his vengeance. But revenge comes at a cost.

Mitchell Marsh as Logan Howlett/The Wolverine
Rafe Stevenson as Scott Summers/Cyclops
Travis Noftall as Reverend Stryker
and Rob O’Dwyer as Supreme Pontiff

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Also featuring
Christian Heffernan
Liam O’Mara
James Newhook
Ben Tilley
Eddie Possehl
Sean Bichimer
Ryan Kessler
Peter Hervol

Directed by
Travis Noftall

Produced by
Eric Elliott

Written by
Travis Noftall
Eric Elliott

Part of the TLS Productions “Marvel: Heroes and Outcasts Universe”

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