THE GREAT PURGE – A Star Wars Fan Film “After our forces were annihilated in the Night of a Thousand Tears and defeat was imminent, I met with Moff Gideon. The ISB had reached out to me to negotiate a cease-fire. In exchange for submitting to the Empire and disarming, all remaining cities and Mandalorian lives were to be spared. That is how Moff Gideon came to posses the Darksaber. I didn’t trust him but it was the only chance I had to save our people. And then he betrayed me and we were helpless to resist the Purge of Mandalore” Bo-Katan Kryze (The Mandalorian Chapter 23: The Spies) Realizing they would never be able to control Mandalore and wanting to make sure no other faction could, the Empire instead set out to punish the Mandalorians, wipe out their memory, and deter unrest on other worlds between 1 BBY and 5 ABY. Joined by the Imperial Army, the Imperial Navy launched an assault, later dubbed the “Great Purge of Mandalore,” with the aim of destroying the entire Mandalorian people as a warning to the whole galaxy. TIE/sa bombers laid waste to settlements on Mandalore by dropping fusion bombs that destroyed cities, including the capital of Sundari and its Civic Center, in what became known as the Night of a Thousand Tears. Kryze and her people attempted to fight the Imperial effort, living around the Great Forge on the planet, but Kryze would lose most of her forces in the Night of a Thousand Tears. Following the Night, Moff Gideon, who participated in the Purge, met with Kryze after the Imperial Security Bureau reached out to her to negotiate a ceasefire. Gideon told Kryze that all Mandalorian lives, as well as all cities that remained at the time, would be spared if she agreed to submit to the Empire and disarm. Aware of the shame such an act would bring, but believing the survival of her people came first, Kryze gave up the Darksaber to Gideon as an act of surrender. However, Gideon would betray Kryze, continuing the purge while taking the Darksaber for his own. The purge led to the near-total genocide of the Mandalorian people.

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